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New Vs Used

New Vs Used

Shipping containers are a hot commodity in today’s market. Our products come directly from the port to ensure quality. Containers are an excellent solution for short-term or long-term storage for business or individual use. Load and unload your products or belongings easily with ground-level entry. Best of all, they’re weatherproof: There is no need to shovel snow from the roof, and rain runs right off. Rent a container from Maine Trailer for less than a storage unit with double the space!

Considerations to be made when deciding between a new and used shipping container 
Condition, Price, Sizes, Extras, Etc.

New Containers

One-Trip containers

One-trip containers (new) containers are virtually blemish free. They may have a few minor scrapes,scratches, dents, or dings, but overall in excellent condition. They are still handled to/from the port,loaded with cargo, and stacked on a container vessel for shipment. However, they do not get exposed to the elements for years making multiple crossings across the ocean, as they do not remain in shipping service. If you are looking for a container as new as they get, then the 1-Trip (new) container is for you!

Used Containers

Rent and or purchase

Used containers will show their wear with dents, dings, rust, paint blemishes, and normal wear and tear from making many crossings across the ocean. All of Maine Trailer's used containers are checked in upon arrival and made sure they are weather tight and have proper door operation. Along with WWT (Wind and Water Tight) and CW(Cargo Worthy) Maine Trailer also offers IICL (Institute of InternationalContainer Lessors) containers. The IICL rating would still classify as a used container but they are often only 3-5 years old and have less wear. The IICL is a great option if you are looking for a more cost-effective option than a 1-Trip (new) container.